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Therapeutic Alternatives in Crisis Training (TACT)


The “Developmental Disabilities Individual Budgeting Waiver Services Coverage and Limitations Handbook Providers” states that all providers that must intervene in behavioral emergency situations (e.g. when recipients exhibit aggression, self-injury, property destruction, etc.), are required to be trained to competency in an agency approved crisis management procedure consistent with Chapter 65G-8, F.A.C. This standard also applies to providers of Behavior Analysis, Behavior Assistant, and other services if working with individuals with significant behavioral challenges. TACT is an APD-approved emergency procedure training curriculum developed by Professional Education Services, INC and we are certified trainers. Program overview: This course was developed by: Professional Education Services Inc. Class goal: For professionals to prevent aggressive behavior, learn safe interventions, create a restraint- free environment, debrief and document crisis situations, develop self-confidence, and manage potential and actual crisis situations. Class format: Initial training or renewal training Duration: 12 hours- 2 days (initial certification) or 6 hours- one-day (re-certification) Class method: Traditional Classroom Training Training topics: Trauma-informed care; Creating a Healing and Preventive Environment, Therapeutic Approach; Assessing and Responding to Agitation; De-escalation techniques; Risk Factors of Restraints, Rules and Regulations, Basic Defensive Techniques; De-briefing; Event Documentation

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